Line, Spacing, Colors = Minds

In MP, there is a series which is really interesting and maybe it is easy to skip when you first time to look at it. They are combine with certain simple lines , spacing, and colors. This would be some “easy” works for somebody but when you try to zoom this works into details, youContinue reading “Line, Spacing, Colors = Minds”

The Great Story: God of Mars

It has been for a while I have collected this great NFT collection, God of Mars created by Iker Paz. Firstly I do want to introduce this great talent and nice Spainish artist where based in France. He just joined in this NFT community and works hard on producing these mystical series, The “God ofContinue reading “The Great Story: God of Mars”

404aRt Supermarket is Available Now

It is so exciting to annouce that our supermarket is available now! Here is the link of Opensea, The official adress is 0x24927ee8f309338541254222E5B4e99a0fB061ec, of course we are welcome for donation to support us. In the future we would try to gather more interesting stuff and open more channels selling nifties to different areas includingContinue reading “404aRt Supermarket is Available Now”