Line, Spacing, Colors = Minds

In MP, there is a series which is really interesting and maybe it is easy to skip when you first time to look at it. They are combine with certain simple lines , spacing, and colors. This would be some “easy” works for somebody but when you try to zoom this works into details, you can find out more details on brush works and happily seeing different possibilities.

Gregrha, is the artist who created these works in MP. We can see some ideas on combining with multiple colors with lines, square,and spacing. We can tell Gregrha has great sensitivity on colors combination and this conflict on shapes and colors make is remarkable and make this style become really special.

Here is the Link of Gregrha’s creations:

Last but not least, Gregrha is also a NFT collector and he is happliy to sell his collections on supporting new artists developing their style in NFT community, here is the link of his collection and pls do not hestitate to give your best support and offers!! Link:

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