The Great Story: God of Mars

It has been for a while I have collected this great NFT collection, God of Mars created by Iker Paz. Firstly I do want to introduce this great talent and nice Spainish artist where based in France. He just joined in this NFT community and works hard on producing these mystical series, The “God of Mars”.

At the first beginning, I was watching some works randomly on MakerPlace and one of the works caught my eye, Anitho, this “God” gave me new impression since I was tired by different crazy animation and this drawing gave me incredible peace by watching it. When I tried to zoom it and I was so excited and surprised to find out more details on it. I can find out this artist trying to use some techniques to make it become more “ancient” with some nice texture similar to metal. Then I go to find out more works in the series and was so happy to find out more in this new creations.

Gods of Mars – Anitho, God of primordial forests.

Then I went to Iker’s list and found another beautiful works, I was stuck in these comfortable colors and it made me feel like watching the drawings on a stone, and I like the pink, green, blue colors on the Gods, which were not too sharp but brings a great idea of “civilization” . Furthermore, I try to look at the eyes and I can image that I was watching something is outside the world which can make me feel more interesting after reading the description.

Gods of Mars – Goddess Princess Amberya

On the other hand, I was lucky to speak to the artist, Iker Paz to discuss more on the drawing and the ideas how he thought from the works. It was great experience from his thoughts since I was bored with some images with space, astronauts, eth, bitcoin etc. These works gave me a “fresh” and brought me a new space of their stories. Therefore, I was so honor to collect this series and I am sure this series would be chasing by multiple collectors in the future.

Gods of Mars – Mezular

About this artist, Iker Paz, is a Spanish artist and illustrator based in Bordeaux. Iker studied Architecture in Madrid and received his Master degree from the E.T.S.A.M. in 2006.  His interest in Art in general and illustration in particular lead his career away from Architecture.

In the end, I think he would make more progress on this series and I noticed that he keeps create more “Gods” with more incredible skills and insane detailed texture, and I will keep following him and hope I will be lucky to collect the whole selection of the works. Hopefully I can invite him to write down the ideas of creating this series of works and the thoughts with his creations.

Here is Iker’s MP creation link:


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