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The most beautiful thing of NFT is not about the contract minted on the chain. It is about the agreement between artists and collectors.

We collect what we believe, same as what they believe on what they created.

404aRt Foundation was established 4/4/2021 as a gourp of collectors who have great interests in NFT and they are delighted to share their ideas and also fund some artists who have great talent. Even though the NFT is well-known by some great artists like beeple, pak, xcopy, etc. but in some countries NFT is still new to them. Therefore, we try to introduce more info about NFT to let the people know and try to built up an truly eco-system of NFT. And also we are looking for some great artists but still in the underground and get their works to be public and noticed, we just want to help art never disappointed! Good luck and welcome donations or cooperation!

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